You tube channel

You tube Channel

We’re talking about video Marketing. You tube Channel and Video marketing both are very similar.

This one is more about how you grow and use you tube  as a digital marketer, we’re talking more about the basics of video and how we  use video  as a Marketer.

Now the might seem a little bit confusing to you but hopefully it will be as we go forward. But before you talk about you tube and using you tube I have question for you.

Are you trying to grow a You tube channels?

Are you trying to grow a you tube channel of your won for your brand or are you just trying to find a place to host to video’s online so that you can share the either via social media or on your website or just direct people to where its hosted like you tube.

Are you trying to host video content online?

This is an important questions because growing a You tube channel is a lot of work. It can be business in itself. And so if your company is not a video based business spending all the time effort to really grow a You tube channel might not be the best place to focus all of your energy.

Now of course it depends on your target audience, if your target audience is a tube on you then you should use your tube. But if you look at the audience, » Read more