Website SEO

Web site SEO                                           

Optimizing your on page as CEO is really important to make sure that when people are searching for a specific topic that you are writing about whether it’s a sale page or blog article they actually find it. Web site SEO is help us achieve a better ranking in search engine result.

So here are  a few tips and I am going to actually walk you through the back end of WordPress to show you have I do this on my own articles and by realizing  this real world case study.

Website SEO Tips:

  • Meta Description
  • Page title and headers
  • Anchor text– link to other page
  • Mobile optimization.


idea of how to do it yourself. Even if you don’t use word press. The first tip is to add a Meta description. This is a 160 character description of the article that search engines see and will actually post. Or it will show in the search result.  So you’ll see when you search for a topic you’ll usually see that headline of the article and then right underneath you’ll see that little description.

Meta Description:

You’ll have a better If don’t add this description it just shows the first sentence of your article. But sometime that’s a little unclear. And so if your method description is actionable it includes key word relevant to that blog article it will help it appear more in surge and it will make it more clickable because for people reading the med hat description it will cost them better than perhaps just the random first line of blog article.

Title and header:

The second tip is to make sure you use your titles and header properly include the keywords for your articles in both your title and headers within your article.

I have included headers to not only make the article more visually appealing to break up the text so it’s not just one  long big article I have included the images as well.

And in these headers you can see they include the keyword webcam video. Let’s go into the background through because if you are using WordPress I highly encourage you to install a plugin Yeast Ezio. Like I mentioned before if you are not using WordPress is Ok. And if don’t want to install the Yeast SEO plugin. That’s totally fine.

Anchor Text:

You should be adding anchor text or links to other articles on your website. This will encourage people to stay on your website to go from the post they are reading to another post or to another page. Google and another search engines will see this. They see that people spend more time on your website and if people spend more time on your website.   That improve the CEO of your website and will actually improve the ranking of your website for whatever search time you have on your site.


So make sure that you build into your article links to other articles and other pages to keep people on your site as long as possible.

Mobile Optimize:

Similar to this mobile optimizations is key. So many people are going to be coming to your website through a mobile device. If your site is not mobile optimize they are going to leave your site sooner because it’s just not as easy for them to use.

And if people leave your site sooner that’s going to hurt your SEO ranking.

Let’s look at one of my example to show how I am putting all of these tips into practice.  Here’s an articles that I wrote six tips for ranking great videos with webcam so automatically the keyword that I am using  are webcam videos better webcam videos.

You can still do a lot of these things. This plugin just make it a lot easier.  You can see here that when scroll down on any of my post it has this plugin first at the top it gives you a preview of what it look like is search engines. And here’s where you can write the Meta description.

This is the short sort of a sweet little couple sentences about what this article is and it appear up here and you can edit it. You can view it mobile preview on how it looks on mobile or desktop and that’ s great because you can basically do live editing and then bellow gives you this checklist of to do items to improve your Osseo. So for example things that I have done is include the focus keyword in the Ural of the page include the focus key word in the first paragraph of copy.  Use the focus keyword in headers. Then there’s thing that I haven’t done yet.


So for example the images on this page are missing all attributes. So if I go up and scroll up to an image let me just added this image. I need to add alternative text. These help people who are visually impaired because they have website readers that actually read through the entire page for them and with images they can’t read the images unless you have alternative text. So for example an alternative text for this image I would say something like.

And make your webcam videos better and that sort of the description of this image so I should go through and add that to all of my images throughout this article. I include lot of different links to other article that I have written things that I think are helpful for people to try to get people to stay on my website.

My site is already Moberly optimize because I am using the veranda you can   learn more about how to optimize your website in the website section of this course.

There’s plugin that allows you to do this for free but most modern website builders have an option to make your website mobile optimize. So at end of the articles I just hope that tis tip can help you improve SEO for all of your pages whether you are using WordPress and the post as plug in or not.