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Jute products

Jute products is most common Promotional Bags of our country, because of Bangladesh is the main jute cultivated country in the world. Jute product is environment friendly product. There is no disadvantage of this goods, but it is cheapest from other goods also.  Now we produce different kind of jute bag like shopping bag, office bag, laptop bag, ladies bag, office file cover, dairy cover, sandal and Geffen goods keeping bag etc.

At present customize jute is use promotional branding items. It helps to brand promotion of a company on the other hand people use Eco friend product.

We have BJMC, which is help to discover the idea of different use of jute. They arrange Jute industries Fair every year to promote use jute products. Jute sector is a prioritize sector of our country. Now start production of different type of jute cloth in our jute industries.


Sample Pic of Our Products


Jute is the material that makes up hessian cloth. In recent years, however, this strong and sturdy material has been used to create durable and attractive items such as our Jute Lunch bags, and, as a result, its popularity has skyrocketed. Jute bags are often tightly woven and firmly sewn to reinforce their structure and allow them to be free standing, and most regularly have a strong Rectangular Base.