Pressure Cooker

5 Best pressure cooker Review and Comparison in 2020:

A Pressure cooker is essentially a pot with a very tight-fitting lid and a few safety valves. once you lock the lid onto the cooker, you’re basically sealing the pot shut and creating a closed pressure system.

The major principle that lies during a ‘pressure cooker’ is that the steam pressure. The stem builds up inside a sealed cooked pot, which increases that ‘boiling point’ of the water entrap inside. This pressure alongside the steam enables food to be ‘cooked faster.

The benefits of pressure cooking are cutting cook time by 2/3, less mess & less loss of nutrients. Disadvantages include not having the ability to cook certain items together thanks to differing cook times, not having the ability to see food midway for doneness or seasoning & also estimating cook times in higher altitude locations

1. Kiam pressure Cooker:

We have passed the Wood, Coal, Salty , Grass, soil oven very few days ago. Already decries dependency on fire for cooking day by day. Kiam home appliance have to reduce our toil, save our somouch time. we depends on electronic for some regular home works. Example Kiam Pressure cooker. In our country Pressure cooker become going necessary home appliances. its becomes context of daily life every house. Kiam rice cooker is always keep their price range within limit.

As usual 220-240 volt 50 Hz home line power supply is enough to active this model . Capacity of Kiam Pressure cooker 2,5 ltr.\