Website SEO

Web site SEO                                           

Optimizing your on page as CEO is really important to make sure that when people are searching for a specific topic that you are writing about whether it’s a sale page or blog article they actually find it. Web site SEO is help us achieve a better ranking in search engine result.

So here are  a few tips and I am going to actually walk you through the back end of WordPress to show you have I do this on my own articles and by realizing  this real world case study.

Website SEO Tips:

  • Meta Description
  • Page title and headers
  • Anchor text– link to other page
  • Mobile optimization.


idea of how to do it yourself. Even if you don’t use word press. The first tip is to add a Meta description. This is a 160 character description of the article that search engines see and will actually post. Or it will show in the search result.  So you’ll see when you search for a topic you’ll usually see that headline of the article and then right underneath you’ll see that little description.

Meta Description:

You’ll have a better If don’t add this description it just shows the first sentence of your article. But sometime that’s a little unclear. And so if your method description is actionable it includes key word relevant to that blog article it will help it appear more in surge and it will make it more clickable because for people reading the med hat description it will cost them better than perhaps just the random first line of blog article.

Title and header:

The second tip is to make sure you use your titles and header properly include the keywords for your articles in both your title and headers within your article.

I have included headers to not only make the article more visually appealing to break up the text so it’s not just one  long big article I have included the images as well.

And in these headers you can see they include the keyword webcam video. Let’s go into the background through because if you are using WordPress I highly encourage you to install a plugin Yeast Ezio. Like I mentioned before if you are not using WordPress is Ok. And if don’t want to install the Yeast SEO plugin. That’s totally fine.

Anchor Text:

You should be adding anchor text or links to other articles on your website. This will encourage people to stay on your website to go from the post they are reading to another post or to another page. Google and another search engines will see this. They see that people spend more time on your website and if people spend more time on your website.   That improve the CEO of your website and will actually improve the ranking of your website for whatever search time you have on your site.


So make sure that you build into your article links to other articles and other pages to keep people on your site as long as possible.

Mobile Optimize:

Similar to this mobile optimizations is key. So many people are going to be coming to your website through a mobile device. If your site is not mobile optimize they are going to leave your site sooner because it’s just not as easy for them to use.

And if people leave your site sooner that’s going to hurt your SEO ranking.

Let’s look at one of my example to show how I am putting all of these tips into practice.  Here’s an articles that I wrote six tips for ranking great videos with webcam so automatically the keyword that I am using  are webcam videos better webcam videos.

You can still do a lot of these things. This plugin just make it a lot easier.  You can see here that when scroll down on any of my post it has this plugin first at the top it gives you a preview of what it look like is search engines. And here’s where you can write the Meta description.

This is the short sort of a sweet little couple sentences about what this article is and it appear up here and you can edit it. You can view it mobile preview on how it looks on mobile or desktop and that’ s great because you can basically do live editing and then bellow gives you this checklist of to do items to improve your Osseo. So for example things that I have done is include the focus keyword in the Ural of the page include the focus key word in the first paragraph of copy.  Use the focus keyword in headers. Then there’s thing that I haven’t done yet.


So for example the images on this page are missing all attributes. So if I go up and scroll up to an image let me just added this image. I need to add alternative text. These help people who are visually impaired because they have website readers that actually read through the entire page for them and with images they can’t read the images unless you have alternative text. So for example an alternative text for this image I would say something like.

And make your webcam videos better and that sort of the description of this image so I should go through and add that to all of my images throughout this article. I include lot of different links to other article that I have written things that I think are helpful for people to try to get people to stay on my website.

My site is already Moberly optimize because I am using the veranda you can   learn more about how to optimize your website in the website section of this course.

There’s plugin that allows you to do this for free but most modern website builders have an option to make your website mobile optimize. So at end of the articles I just hope that tis tip can help you improve SEO for all of your pages whether you are using WordPress and the post as plug in or not.



Email Marketing Funnel

Email Marketing Funnel

There is a lot of debate surrounding the email marketing funnel, it’s relevant to today’s consumer buying process. Here I’ll explain what you need to know about the email marketing funnel.

Email marketing is a system of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicate with an readers of commercial or fundraising messages. In its broadest sense, each email sent to a expected or current customer may be considered email marketing. This article seeks to explain email marketing funnel.

Email Marketing is so important. For most of the people still its the highest converting tool as compared to social media or other content marketing like you tube and blog writing.

Email marketing funnelso important as you get started to start collecting email addresses. That’s what you actually do. The basic process is getting email addresses from people and delivering them content – not only sales content but also educational content and inspirational content.

What do you do when you wake up in the Morning. Most people even though you  are checking your Instagram, your Facebook and everything else, most people still check their email addresses, and their email address is little more private than say social media. And that’s why I believe it converts a little bit better, because they are getting messages from people they know and trust. Unless spam of course.

And that’s not what we’re going to be doing. Hopefully now you are understand that e-mail marketing is important.

How does the basic email marketing funnel work.

First lets Understand just how a marketing funnel works in this top of the funnel you have awareness.

This is people who are aware of you or they become aware of you.

They search for something on Google on they end up on your website or they time something you tube and they find your video or blog article or something else some on social media. They become aware of your brain. This is the biggest part of funnel.

From they are we go a little bit further and fewer people become interested in your product or service.

Basic of the Email marketing funnel:

1. Awareness

  1. Interest
  2. Decisions
  3. Action.


These people to start spend more time on your website or reading your content and watching your content and they are starting to get interested in what your product could do for them some point  they have to make decision. So they are deciding purchase or not. And hopefully you are helping them to make that decision reinforcing that you will solve them problem.


And then lastly they take action and they buy or not. And so the small part of the funnel are people who  have actually taken action.

The goal is to work people through they entire funnel.

Basics of funnel :

  • Awareness,
  • opt-in form,
  • Lead magnet.
  • Email sequence    and
  • sales   pitch.

How does this  look like with e-mail marketing while you have people who become aware of you and then you send that traffic whether its through YouTube or really social media or really wherever you send that to an opt in from.

You see the website where they say sign up for my newsletter or sign up to get a free book or sign up……


That little box or that little for where you submit your e-mail address is called and opt in form and these opt in forms can be created using e-mail marketing service that you choose or sometimes with different website builders with different plug ins for example .

There are many plug ins you can use to customize how and opt in form works or if you are a web developer. You can actually customize and create your web your  e-mail opt inbox from scratch.

The lead magnet is a very important part of the funnel and its not really the next step in the funnel but that what’s you give in exchange for someone e-mail address sometime do not really need magnet.

All you have to say is that hey join  newsletter and I will send you e-mails when there is sometime interest.  Other times its more specific. Join my newsletter and I will send you a weekly with new topics.

Other times it takes a little bit more work to get people to give they are e-mail address to you. After it is private. And if you are like me don’t like giving your e-mail address away all over the place.

Other times its take a little bit more work to get people to give their e-mail address to you.

Email Subject line

Subject line for Email Marketing

Email Subject line

Here are some quick tips for improving your Email subject line, which will increase your open costs. The first tip is small and sweet especially because they are checking their e-mail on their mobile devices and when they use their applications to open their e-mails.

So the first few words are most important. And you can keep it this way, all the words in your subject. We do not know how to use it before moving forward, but it’s okay to use it as much as possible. . The next step is to use the term. And it’s an important thing, all of you.

So if you use the word you can open it and people in your case. My next tips are starting. After the effects of the Neon Sign Technique, start with Sound Crush Contest instead of Adobe.


Use something like your own neon sign design in Adobe using an action keyword to start your email. For them, actually click on an open email.

Fear of missing out:

A popular theory is used. Foma so you are doing a sale and you know this sale is in the last night, only they use subject lines like tonight. You will not want to miss out on this. Those who do not know the mystery of success do not know where it is in the subject line, it is good if people do not email me when I email this out.

And that you should think about your email reader. They will not be able to open emails if they want to be missing.


Create curiosity

The technique is used in one type of curiosity. So for example, one of the examples of heart hit is one.

I do not want to call them like these a little bit. But they work because of my email subject line. What am I wrong Really do it because it really makes curiosity. People are surprised. What is wrong fault And that’s why ‘that email service a lot.

Ask a question Email subject line 

Similarly, raising a question is one of the subject’s lines that are working well for me. This is not just a question. So double trimester questions. So people are surprised in one tip.

Do not use all caps

Do not use all caps and do not use a lot of exclamation points. This is a spam message to be seen automatically. And when I see all the caps with an email and exclamation points or lots of symbols I know at least for me. Many times I’ll trick it or spam it and it’s a common practice for you, you know that your type of hazardous in your face marketing style.

I would not encourage you to use all the caps and exclamation points in the subject line of your email so it could work for the same people. I hope these tips will help you when you write lines of your email content.


If you have any other advice or advice please feel free to share it with us.

Web site Design


Web site design

Every body remember entry and exit they don’t remember middle action. When you website design first think your business goal. The first goal of every website is attracting a big number of visitor. It also want to keep active people. So Web site design is very important things is Digital Marketing. Every Marketer keep quite knowledge about your website. Website present the Customer needs.

Your Website Should show :

  1. Show your brand Uniqueness.
  2. Brand color.
  3. Information of company.
  4. Product knowledge.
  5. Show credibility.
  6. Website Values add your business.
  7. Helps the customer to buy/ take action.
  8. Provide additional news/tricks/ tips.

Website gave common answer the question of customer. Its have up to date data of a company or Entrepreneur.

Maximum customer go to Company the inbound marketing concept So express your all information by website . which is help to grow your business confidently.

Note down the information your consumer usually ask for. You can try various channels, Note them and add those information to your website.

Which information set your website depends on pattern of product/ service. Luxury site may need to look elegance, where discount coupon site should focus on their sales.

Are all of your services and product easy to find by website.?

How does your website compare to your competitors?

The most important one is starting web design Must have some ideal features:






  1. Is it Mobile Friendly.
  2. Does it Load Properly in all modern web browsers.
  3. Avoid confusing Navigation.
  4. Clear Image.
  5. Product and services.

*  Web site design is Mobile responsive. Now rapidly increase mobile internet User. Presently decrease desktop user. Most of the people use mobile device to browse the Internet. So if your site design is not fully mobile responsive how do you get a large number of visitors? Your web site you can check how much responsive buy using your site on different mobile devices.

* Web browser is a software that allows users to search, download or view any text, pictures and other information on any webpage, world wide web or local area network. So your Web site should properly loaded in modern web browser.

*  Your web site should be easy navigation. Menu items name should be easy understood. The name of items on the menu will be clear to the people.

* The clear and real image You use your web site. Which is clear the others.

*  Any person should be a person who does not have much time with your products and services. If he can accurately describe the contents of your page, then make sure that the majority of people will uderstand your products and services.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is most important our modern business. Close more deals with less work by website.

Never advertise Bad product in website. Consumer express feedback about product by retailer or other people by comments, but digital marketing is difference they where consumer no comments face to face they avoid you mentally.

Online consumers today are fickle! If your website is not good, you are falling and falling behind.









Affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is a hole of promote and advertisement of product or services and create customer of these Product or services. When you do this online marketing , this call “Digital marketing”. When you use the Digital marketing skill  for sales and promotion  of product or services this is call ” Internet Marketing”.When you use Digital Marketing skill to promote other product or service commission promotion then will be affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is a media which work together Publisher and Manufacturer for profit sharing  by sale product or services.

Affiliate Marketing is the use of one website  to advertise the product and services of another website. Affiliate Marketing is efficient Marketing system Which has one or more Marketer engage specific Business, try to implement marketing Experience to bring customer.

Relationship is very important point of Affiliate marketing, A relationship between three parties:


We have created new performance-based marketing opportunities that help publishers and advertisers reach new potential customers and drive more commission in your pocket at a higher conversion rate for revenue.

Commission Junction(Cj):

Commission Junction network is capable recording and processing of action and Transaction.

Affiliate marketing Connect with you whole over the world. We have Great result By Commission Junction pay per call Program.

There are two wings of affiliate marketing. You can offer an affiliate program or another business affiliate. You will find affiliates who will reach untapped market.

The Smart way of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has always worked best for us, I suggest you to do the same. If you are determined to make this work and put in the time and effort, this is the good news you are already well on your way to affiliate marketing. Every work you put in is to help you make your affiliate marketing. Its works as a commission base referral way, so it is simple system. It’s a low cost for advertiser to build awareness and promote their product and services.

Knowledge your product and Audience

To learn about product and services by spending time that you are offering you can make information that build your credibility. Credibility makes trust. If your customer do not have faith in you more than likely, they will not take action. So product and audience knowledge help to promote sale.

Affiliate marketing on social media

Social media is important way to reach more audience. To reach audience is so important a affiliate marketer. Which is help social media, let say Facebook. Practically everybody is on Facebook everyday, from young to old male or female all over the world. If you are reach wanting to large audience , you need not to look further more visited websites and popular apps. People to see your post and updates, like ,comments and share them by Facebook. The more genuine interaction you get, the post will be seen by others for Facebook algorithm.

Well crafted updates, post and ads can result affiliate sales.


Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook?

Everybody know Facebook isn’t new. Facebook is a way advertising of product or services. Facebook is a social network which is operate  around the world.

Facebook is Digital media of modern Marketing. First we know Why use Facebook . Be a professional to use Facebook. Always effective Facebook group. Facebook Marketing is a modern Popular media of Communication.

Facebook give calculative result of user benefit . So it is easy to measure business oriented use .

Facebook Ads:

Business Traffic Model is ad, Facebook ads is an important Media of Modern marketing. So much effective media to reach the target customer. There are three types of Way the Facebook ads is as bellow:

PPE= Page Post Engagement.

CTW = Click to Website.

WC = Web conversion.

The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage.

Why Facebook Ads?

The People connect with your Business help Facebook. Discover the people for your business by Facebook ad. These are the advantage of use Facebook is as bellow:

# To increase target Customer.

# To increase traffic on website.

# Lead generate.

# Cost Minimize Effectively.

# Brand Awareness.

# Web Conversion.

Implement Facebook ad into your Facebook Marketing strategy is possible to increase likes and drives website clicks. Geographic targeting by Facebook user Data on Age, Location, Education and interest.

How to Meet the people who will love your Business?.

Use your free Facebook page to get started.

Let us know what you want to promote.

Select the audiance for your fFacebook ads.

To set your Budget track your result.

Facebook helps to reach your business goals as follows:

  1. By online sales.
  2. to increase local sales.
  3. To promote your apps.
  4. to raise brand awareness.


Make a Facebook Business page to create permanent Business Address for Business on Facebook. Its first step in the process of Starting Facebook marketing Campaign. Make a business Facebook page is  Like entity to your Business on Facebook.

You can target your campaign’s Customer by Gender, Age, Occupation, Location, Interest etc. If you more specified the target Facebook  customer by  their interest, activities, hobbies family status , Facebook connections even their date of birth to more closely Personalized them to massage . Data analysis is important of Facebook Ads, wait for data analysis and run more.

Campaign. When More campaign for data analysis then need campaign name otherwise You do not understand the which is the result.

Facebook is powerful Marketing tools, it has a large space to keep customer information ,develop brand Awareness and more your reach.


You Have to Know for Facebook

CPC =          Cost per Click

CPM =        Cost per Thousand Impressions.

CTR = Click Through Rate: Percentage of click to the number of Impressions.

Impressions :Total Number Views

Actions : Every actions  related to the page,That the users perform, after having click on an ad.

Reach : Number of Unique  user who have seen an ad.

Frequency : Number of times a user has seen in an ad.

Facebook Pixel :

Pixel just like as mirror of Business. If I want to know what’s the operation or Staffs work I fixed a CC Camera. Pixel help We know what is the selling position against the specific ad.   Basically it is use to re targeting.


How many people coverage by ad its depends on Budget? Budget is important fact of Audience coverage. you can start Facebook ad on any Budget.






Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing means Customer Relation Maintain or Customer Relationship Management. Marketing is an action of promote selling product or services by research and advertising. Marketing is a role of promote and advertisement of product or services and create customer of these Product or services. Digital marketing is important modern business world.

Digital Marketing:

When we talking about digital Marketing we actually promote your Business online using of different social media/ channels like as Facebook, Email. twitter and website.


First of all we select a bushiness goal and Target customer/group. Try to  need the customer by different way for close them. Master digital marketing is Google analytic s, Google Ad words, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising and You tube Marketing

Doing something helping others. Always concentrate that we are helping customer. Example: Sell a photocopy machine Our goal is Save time and cost minimize of Customer.

Goal of Business is getting clients and keeping them it, Profit is the result. find client and keep them the way of gain profit.

We Need to Identify
●Mission Statement
●Value Proposition
●Elevator Pitch
●The Business Plan
●Market Perception
●Target Market
●Digital Technology Usage

We know Different Strategy worksheet of a business:

  • Business Strategy Worksheet.
  • Customer Strategy Worksheet.
  • Audience Goal Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy Worksheet.                                                 
  •                                                Business Strategy Worksheet
    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Promote use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world.
    Objectives Sell jute Bag use quality product and reduce pollution of society . To remove use poly Bag
    Value Proposition Scientifically Proven Save Currency Certification from WHO
    Elevator Pitch Forth Jute Crafts Produce Eco friendly Product.

    We have Beautiful name of our business, Select a Mission our business . which is add our objective , audience goal, audience technology , Target Customer/ group and pitch Elevator.

            Customer Strategy Worksheet

    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Encourage  use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world
    Target Audience 9 – 19 years school going Students 20 -35 years Service holder 36-over years general people
    Audience Goal use the school bag for keeping Books and khatas Use tifffin bag , Laptop bag, File.  Use shopping bag . Travel bag.
    Audience Technology  Facebook, Email, Twitter, youtube  Corporate Blog, Magazine , etc  


    Difference between Inbound Marketing And Digital Marketing:

    Virtually there is no  Difference between  Digital marketing and Inbound marketing. Both of the Marketing tactics of Inbound marketing and Digital Marketing are same. Try to show the difference is as bellow:

  • Most main inbound marketing assets is blog which allow your website to capitalize for searching ideal customers.
  • Digital Marketing massage directly in front of as many people as possible in the online space.
  • Best digital marketers have clear picture  how its assets or tactics to achieve the estimated goals.
  • Ultimately inbound marketing is technology that uses digital marketing assets to attract , convert ,close and gain satisfactory level of customers.
  • Performance of content and lead generation

  • You can Imagine or counting how many people hosting your website. you are also generating qulified leads download it. Significantly trace the people interested logging your website.
  • Decision Stage 
  • Have a complete case study who are ready to purchase which is help the decision make to customer. if case study is not good for your business having short testimonials around your website is a good alternative for your business.
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