Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is an important Media of Modern marketing. So much effective media to reach the target customer. There are three types of Way the Facebook ads is as bellow:

PPE= Page Post Engagement.

CTW = Click to Website.

WC = Web conversion.

Facebook helps to reach your business goal. The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage.

How to Make Money from Your Page on Facebook?

A Facebook page monetization process involves a series of step by step process starting with creating a page, increasing the follower of the page, learn more


Do you know on average people spend two hours 24 minutes on Facebook each day followed by YouTube 40 minutes, Snapchat 30 minutes, and Instagram 28 minutes and thus making Facebook the most popular social media site? There are many reasons why people spend hours on Facebook. However, one of the reasons is financial – earning money. And, this is where comes the Facebook page.  Let’s know in detail about this special type of webpage how you can turn Facebook into a source of income.

What is Facebook page (H2)

A Facebook page is a public profile created by businesses, organizations, celebrities, or causes to promote the respective entity to the mass people. It is like your personal profile that regularly updates with statuses, videos, links, and photos. There is a terminological difference between a profile and a page. In the case of your Facebook profile what you call your friends, this terminology turns into fans for a Facebook page.  Fans are the people who like the page. Another difference is friends’ limitations. While in the case of your personal profile you have a maximum of 5,000 friends, the number of friends becomes unlimited in the case of a Facebook page.

Create Facebook page (H3)

Creating a Facebook page is pretty straightforward. First, log-in to your Facebook personal profile. Look at the left corner of your profile. You will see a plus sign beside your profile picture. Click on it. Several options like post, story, room, page, etc will appear. Click on the page option. You will get a page template to create a page. Here, you need to fill two mandatory fields: page name and category.

Click on the create page button. You have created your first Facebook page. Of course, you will provide other information like a description of the page- explaining what type of business or organization the page represents – image, contact info, and other details while creating a page. Although providing these pieces of information are not but they are essential to make your page informative and relevant to your business.