Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing means Customer Relations Maintain or Customer Relationship Management. Marketing is an action of promoting selling products or services through research and advertising. Marketing is a hole of promotion and advertisement of products or services and creates the customer of these products or services. Digital marketing is an important modern business world.

Digital Marketing:

When we talking about digital Marketing we actually promote your Business online using of different social media/ channels like as Facebook, Email, Twitter and website.


First of all, we select a bushiness goal and Target customer/group. Try to need the customer in a different way to close them. Master digital marketing is Google Analytics, Google Ad words, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, and Youtube Marketing

Doing something helping others. Always concentrate that we are helping the customer. Example: Sell a photocopy machine Our goal is to save time and cost minimize of Customer.

The goal of Business is getting clients and keeping them it, Profit is the result. find the client and keep them the way of gain profit.

We Need to Identify
●Mission Statement
●Value Proposition
●Elevator Pitch
●The Business Plan
●Market Perception
●Target Market
●Digital Technology Usage

We know Different Strategy worksheet of a business:

  • Business Strategy Worksheet.
  • Customer Strategy Worksheet.
  • Audience Goal Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy Worksheet. 
  • Business Strategy Worksheet

    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Promote the use of Eco-friendly jute bags all over the world.
    Objectives Sell jute Bag use a quality product and reduce the pollution of society. To remove use poly Bag
    Value Proposition Scientifically Proven Save Currency Certification from WHO
    Elevator Pitch Forth Jute Crafts Produce Eco-friendly Product.

    We have Beautiful name of our business, Select a Mission our business . which is to add our objective, audience goal, audience technology, Target Customer/ group, and pitch Elevator.

            Customer Strategy Worksheet

    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Encourage  use of Eco-friendly jute bag all over the world
    Target Audience 9 – 19 years of school-going Students 20 -35 years Service holder 36-over years general people
    Audience Goal use the school bag for keeping Books and khatas Use tiffin bag , Laptop bag, File.  Use a shopping bag. Travel bag.
    Audience Technology  Facebook, Email, Twitter, youtube  Corporate Blog, Magazine, etc

    Difference between Inbound Marketing And Digital Marketing:

    Virtually there is no  Difference between  Digital marketing and Inbound marketing. Both of Marketing tactics of Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing are the same. Try to show the difference is as below:

  • Most main inbound marketing assets is a blog that allows your website to capitalize for searching ideal customers.
  • Digital Marketing messages directly in front of as many people as possible in the online space.
  • Best digital marketers have a clear picture of how its assets or tactics to achieve the estimated goals.
  • Ultimately inbound marketing is a technology that uses digital marketing assets to attract, convert, close and gain a satisfactory level of customers.

  • Performance of content and lead generation

  • You can Imagine or count how many people hosting your website. you are also generating qualified leads to download it. Significantly trace the people interested in logging your website.
  • Decision Stage 
  • Have a complete case study who is ready to purchase which helps the decision-makers to the customer. if the case study is not good for your business having short testimonials around your website is a good alternative for your business.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Many product makers are online who are already selling their products and services. And they need to sell. So that people need their product market. And in exchange for your efforts, they will be called to commission you which are usually part of sales revenue.
So how come that is? As an affiliate marketer, we will join an affiliate program, which helps sell or promote the products of other people, and if there is a sale then results are available on our promotion. Then the manufacturer will give a cut of our sales (which is your commission).
So that usually works. So you will join an approved program, you will search for products, then you can help promote the products using special approved links and you can start posting on Facebook, you can email people. And when you sell based on shared links, you create a commission. So that’s how affiliate marketing works.

Opt-in form to your website:

The best places to put opt-in forms on your website the way you put this on your web site will be different, depending on what your website builder is. We are not going to dive how we actually add these to your website if you have questions please. Let us know if you have specific about WordPress. 

Where should you put your opt-in forms?

I know those are thinks we can answer. Also Google is your perfect friend for this kind of situations but we do want to go over the best spots we think coverage well. So let’s we discuss at some examples.

First of all what we’ve already seen is on the home page the home page header. So here is our passive income pathway and one of my inspiration. He has his photo

At the top and then right underneath he has his opt-in forms and his opt-in form here is just joining his community. He is not selling anything he is not mean quote unquote silly things not even offering alive magnet. Right here is just to subscribe. Chris tucker is another person and it actually fortuitous because a pop up just popped up on his web site. And so that’s another way that you can have opt-in form through pop up forms do convert.  And that’s why people use them.

But Chris Duggar Also has his main opt-in form in his home page hitter hi hero.  And here he lists all the different things that he gives.

The way the sidebar is a great place that’s the bar that’s onside of most web sites especially when you are looking at blog articles. And the reason why this is good and you are looking at video school online with my free course opt in or lead magnet is that if some ones finds my tutorial say so in searching for a neon sign tutorial and after effect and they end up finding these through Google they might come straight to this page and see my sidebar but never go to my home page.

So having this here is a good idea having a great magnet that targets all of your biggest targets audience good to put in your sidebar Mr. money Mustache. Audience is good to put in your sidebar  Mr. money Mustache. Another inspiration of mine.  He shows how you can put an opt inform at the end of a blog article and this work because if people have read through your entire blog article there’s a chance a good chance and that they liked what they read. Because most people who don’t like what they are reading will just act that out and go to another web site. And so having a lead magnet or an opt in form  at the end of an article or even in the middle of an article is another great place.

Here two more examples of pops ups. Here’s four  pencils of promise . so they don’t have an opt–in form  or another home page but after a few seconds a pop up did pop up asking for my emails address. This was kind of funny from smart inside dotcom. I was just actually reading up jousting just to clarify how  google is  punishing people with pops up.  And lo and behold pop up popped up an article about why pop up are bad.

These new guidelines from google really affect mobile because the pop ups are much not mobile friendly. And so the pop up covers the main part of the content or pops up right after you load the page that can effect your ranking. Another cool place to put your opt in form is the top bar. Hello bar is one cool tool that you can use its free to get started with that will put a top bar. the  very top of your website. You have probably seen those where it’s on any every page on website sometimes you control  which page it’s shows up on but it’s just a little that has the opt in form that’s  at the very to of the website even above the menu. Just a few tips for writing the copy of your option.

Opt in copy tips:

  • Does it much your brand?
  • Does is stand out
  •  Is it irresistible?
  • Put your face on it.

First you have got to make sure that The lead magnet is on target in its and it’s irresistible.