Product Reviews

A keen customer is an educated customer. We realize that numerous individuals look at evaluations and read audits to assist them with choosing which item is directly for them. There’s a huge amount of survey destinations out there and it tends to be difficult to tell which one is the correct one for the item you’re searching for. Allow us to help Product Reviews!

As buyers, we much of the time depend on item surveys to give us understanding into a product’s or administration’s quality, capacity, and convenience. By composing your own item audits, you can share data from your own encounters that will add to the bigger group of evaluative discourse as of now in presence.

The accompanying advances can help you in the formation of a brief and real to life item audit:

  • Use the product or service
  • Look for an appropriate venue
  • Identify the problem and the promise
  • Describe the product
  • Deliver a verdict

A decent item audit can offer important client tried data that furnish the purchaser with direction and understanding. Make sure to be straightforward, insightful, and explicit in your audit, and you will probably get yourself the beneficiary of high appraisals for your difficult work. let’s see some products review,

Branded Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

A ceramic Mug is a type of cup typically used for drinking Water, hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and tea etc. Techniques such as silk screen printing, sublimation print or decals are used to apply decorations such as logos or images, which are fired onto the ceramic Mug to ensure permanence. When you print your logo on Ceramic Mug, then value add your product or your company.

Sample Picture of Our Costomize Products:


Promotional Jute Bag

Forth Generation is  one of the famous and large manufacturer & supplier of Promotional jute bag in Bangladesh. A large number of promotional jute bag supplying in nation wide. Our  customer belief us mostly while never consider with quality of Goods. Jute bag is Reusable, durable and therefore environmentally friendly.

The use of Jute bag Instead of Plastic/pole-thin bag has many advantage. Jute bag are durable and reusable and environment-friendly. Jute Produce by Nature which is strong and durable. 

Sample Picture of Our Products:


Sample Pic of Our Products

Use Jute Bag Save Earth.

Jute Bag Picture

Jute Product is Environment-friendly.

Importance of Facebook Marketing

Importance of Facebook marketing


At present, Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. Facebook is a marketing company that promotes the marketing of any company, Brand, product or service is called Facebook marketing. Facebook advertisements in the simplest sense are called as marketing.So we need to know importance of Facebook marketing.



Today most businessmen think Facebook is the main tool of their business, because 50% of the Facebook users wake up using Facebook or they can wake up when they come to Facebook.

Just think, in 2017, Facebook’s active user is 186 million, At present Active user is 230 million where WhatsApp user’s 50 million, Twitter users 28 million 40 million will not you do marketing on Facebook? Where do you find such a lot of customers for advertising? Facebook Advertising cost are very low. So try to use Facebook not only Social network, we use Business purpose also.


Now let’s see if you can get marketing on Facebook without marketing analog


Facebook ads are more important than banners, signboards, billboards, festoons, papers, radio or TV advertising – this results in lower costs. With Facebook marketing, you will be able to check your marketing results promptly and if you need to stop advertising your advertising then you can advertise in new ways. Facebook’s advertising costs are very low. Subscriber-Private small, large or startups are all popular for Facebook marketing companies. The biggest reason for your Facebook advertising may be less exposure to less exposure. Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to increase customer exposure and increase your business exposure, where you can start your business from all levels to all the old people. Can run Facebook Marketing Options for Creating Any Brand

To generate leads, and increase your business awareness to the most prospective clients, it is the best possible way to advertising I Facebook to reach out to those prospects in shorter period of time.

But without proper audience targeting and optimization, it is quite difficult to get those large number of highly targeted visitors/clients with lowest ad cost.

Only a professional advertiser with lots and lots of advertising experience can bring you that highly targeted audience to engage with your products and services.

It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. Facebook ad create demand to your target audiences to take your product or services.

Email sequence

Email sequence

The order of the email is not sent to the full list at a specific time, when people sign it one by one. They are called follow up / automatic responder. You need to enter the email sequences automatically and send new members so that they can know you a little more. Plus you can use order to sell your products and services.

This is the beauty of email marketing tools, because it’s all automated and this can be happening all in the background, while you do everything else that you need to do to run your business so that you don’t have to be sending specific emails on specific days to specific people all the time. I mean you would be spending your entire life doing manually if you had to don’t like that. So with any email marketing tool you should be able to automate it.

Types of sequence

Lot of different types of e-mail sequences.

  • Introduction
  • Educational
  • Product launch
  • Follow up

There are different types of sequences that can be an introduction sequence that you can welcome to your role and brand and educational order, where it wants to know more about an issue that you have a sequence of emails that help them to know more about them. There is a launch on the subject.

If you launch a new product, you may have multiple e-mail orders, you send them to people who have sent them to you by email to buy them, to make sure they purchase their products.

Sample sequences

Intro Educational Educational Inspirational
Soft Sale Inspirational Hard Sale Follow up


Here’s just a quick sample sequence that is sort of your typical e-mail sequence that I like to send to people. This is for people who come out and are brand new of my web site or are brand new to one of my products for example free course

Osteen them an intro email and then followed up with two educational e-mails

And these two educational e-mails are purely educational. It’s just additional content that will benefit them.

I followed that up with what I can an inspirational email.

This is an email that is not selling a product but it’s selling the benefit of whatever product or service I am offering.

For example if I’m teaching a class on Adobe premiere pro video editing and I what to inspire someone to learn this software I’ll show examples of types of videos that people can create with software or always share an interview that xza they did with someone who uses Adobe premiere pro.  So this is the email that is not necessarily teaching them something new but it’s inspiring them and making them want to learn or to use the product that I’m about to sell them in the next  e-mail which  is the soft launch which is an email where I first start to mention the product that I have.

It’s still an educational or an inspirational email in essence but I mentioned the product. It’s not a hey check out this product. It’s only 99 dollar you can get it here for 19 percent off.  It’ more of an email where all follow up on that inspirational e-mail that I just sent saying hopefully I hope you enjoyed that story about Joe scheme who learned Adobe premiere pro and now has a full time job in the film industry.  Here’s a cool tutorial on how to create better titles with Adobe premiere Pro. If you are really interested in liking tutorial that I’ve been sending you I actually have a full course for you that you can purchase where you learn everything from beginning to advance that kind of e-mail. I ‘ll follow that soft soft-shell with another inspirational email to reinforce that idea and this may Isa testimonial from a student of mine a user. How did the product change their life. I might include a link to the product in this email maybe not because in the following up e-mail the hard sell that’s where I’m really it’s just purely promotional .

There is no rash here and there is no education here only this product is here. I am enjoying the e-mails that I am sending you. If you want to take it to the next level purchase here click here. Explain how you purchase it. And then of course a follow-up. It will probably look different.

And if they do not purchase and if they do not purchase it and convert it and most tools you can automate it. So if someone purchases a product, they may be able to fully convert another sequence.

Or you can usually add funnels to your emails. So if on purchase then they wouldn’t actually get the follow up e-mail that says are as wide in person purchase the product that you promoted or whatever your follow up is to people who don’t purchase. But it’s good idea to have those follow up e-mails at the end of the day remember that the goal with this sequence is to educate and inspire




And if you can educate inspire the selling will be easy.

Write better sequence

  • Use evergreen content.
  • Personalize it with their name.
  • Send at the right time.
  • Test different subject line.

I actually want to show some sequence of which I’m using so you get a better sense of how it’s been having success with this. But how fast things to write words fast?

If you want you can click on the man article or your tube video This old content is still good quality and it’s a great way to make people aware. There is no reason to try again to discover the wheel if you have already written about this subject.

Web site Design


Web site design

Every body remember entry and exit they don’t remember middle action. When you website design first think your business goal. The first goal of every website is attracting a big number of visitor. It also want to keep active people. So Web site design is very important things is Digital Marketing. Every Marketer keep quite knowledge about your website. Website present the Customer needs.

Your Website Should show :

  1. Show your brand Uniqueness.
  2. Brand color.
  3. Information of company.
  4. Product knowledge.
  5. Show credibility.
  6. Website Values add your business.
  7. Helps the customer to buy/ take action.
  8. Provide additional news/tricks/ tips.

Website gave common answer the question of customer. Its have up to date data of a company or Entrepreneur.

Maximum customer go to Company the inbound marketing concept So express your all information by website . which is help to grow your business confidently.

Note down the information your consumer usually ask for. You can try various channels, Note them and add those information to your website.

Which information set your website depends on pattern of product/ service. Luxury site may need to look elegance, where discount coupon site should focus on their sales.

Are all of your services and product easy to find by website.?

How does your website compare to your competitors?

The most important one is starting web design Must have some ideal features:






  1. Is it Mobile Friendly.
  2. Does it Load Properly in all modern web browsers.
  3. Avoid confusing Navigation.
  4. Clear Image.
  5. Product and services.

*  Web site design is Mobile responsive. Now rapidly increase mobile internet User. Presently decrease desktop user. Most of the people use mobile device to browse the Internet. So if your site design is not fully mobile responsive how do you get a large number of visitors? Your web site you can check how much responsive buy using your site on different mobile devices.

* Web browser is a software that allows users to search, download or view any text, pictures and other information on any webpage, world wide web or local area network. So your Web site should properly loaded in modern web browser.

*  Your web site should be easy navigation. Menu items name should be easy understood. The name of items on the menu will be clear to the people.

* The clear and real image You use your web site. Which is clear the others.

*  Any person should be a person who does not have much time with your products and services. If he can accurately describe the contents of your page, then make sure that the majority of people will uderstand your products and services.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is most important our modern business. Close more deals with less work by website.

Never advertise Bad product in website. Consumer express feedback about product by retailer or other people by comments, but digital marketing is difference they where consumer no comments face to face they avoid you mentally.

Online consumers today are fickle! If your website is not good, you are falling and falling behind.