Facebook ad Vs Google Ad Words

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ad Words


Facebook is largest social media in the world. Facebook helps to reach your business goal. The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage. There are two main advertising platforms are Facebook Ad and Google Ad Words.Today I’m going to break the Facebook Ads Vs Google Ad Words.

Which one should you use?

Show you which one should use for your business.

Google’s first intention based. So what can people type in Google AdWords for? Buy a Cheap Cellphone, Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas All the examples of these things to type in. That’s great for Google AdWords.

There is no such type of auto insurance when a Google AdWords opportunity is looking for auto insurance. On the other hand, there is no intention basis with Facebook ads. With Ads on Facebook you can not just create an ad like “Hmm.

I like tons of people to buy our auto insurance. So just tell me as that “Auto Insurance” Buy Now Get the Geco Right “‘

Why would not it work?

Because Facebook people want to connect with their friends. They are looking for pictures of the pictures, people look at the wall. That’s why they will not convert your ad to Google in the same way.

If you are an intent-based business where you are selling goods or services and you are going to go after only those people who need advice as they need advice, need accounting support, buy their products or services. Whatever it may be like a chain for an iPhone or their dog it may be great for Google AdWords. If you want to go after a comprehensive audience, that’s what’s amazing for Facebook.

For example, if you want to go after a woman who is interested in beauty, because you want to know about your new beauty products that revolutionize the art. Amazing for Facebook!

The main difference to the main difference is Facebook for the audience of a wide variety, like beauty people who are like car enthusiasts. Those business owners On Facebook, you can create ads that drive people on the loading page that landing page should not be just cheap, if you buy my product right now.

The best way to convert people from Facebook is to give them some educational information first. Like a blog post that breaks your product or services because of the amazing reason, what they are going to learn is that they can first run it in a webinar, and from there it transforms into a customer.

Again Google AdWords is based on intentions.

As part of the complete section of the Facebook targets, such as a beauty automobile, business owner and Facebook, these are not like Google, you will not send them to the page where they can buy directly.

It’s also sending on a page that teaches first, and then lets them buy.

If you have sold a low and ticketed item on Facebook, you can drive to convert an educational page to a check-out page or a product page first.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. Facebook is a marketing company that promotes the marketing of any company, product or service is called Facebook marketing. Facebook ads in the simplest sense are called a Facebook marketing.

Today most businessmen think Facebook ads is the main tool of their business, because 50% of Facebook users wake up using Facebook when they wake up or say that they wake up at Facebook. So Facebook ads is the important way to promote product or services.

Just think, in 2017, Facebook’s active user is 186 million, where Whats App user’s 50 million, Twitter users 28 .4 million will not you do marketing on Facebook? Where do you find such a lot of customers for advertising?

Statistical Data of Social media User Is bellows :

Now let’s see if you can get marketing on a Facebook without Analog marketing.

Facebook ads are more important than banners, signboards, billboards, festoons, papers, radio or TV advertising this results in lower costs. With Facebook marketing, you will be able to check your marketing results promptly and if you need to stop advertising your advertising then you can advertise in new ways. Facebook’s advertising costs are very low. Subscriber-Private small, large or startups are all popular for Facebook marketing companies.

The biggest reason for your Facebook advertising may be less exposure to less exposure. Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to increase customer exposure and increase your business exposure, where you can start your business from all levels to all the old people. Can run there is no alternative to Facebook Ads for the creation of a brand.

We use a excel sheet for Facebook ads like is as bellow:

Excel Sheet for Facebook Ads

Gender     Age Occupation Interest Group


18-65 Job Sports


15- 45 Graphics Designer T-Shirt User
Children 5-12 Businessman


All people  25-70 Doctors

Diabetic Patients


You can set a budget when you create a Facebook ad. Which is comfortable to spending you. How many people see your ad and engage by Facebook ad its depends up to your decision.

Facebook Page

We ready to start learning everything about Facebook page. This is the Facebook page domination model when we will learn the best techniques first to create your Facebook page. And also if you already have a page that’s fine you can still watch these because you will also learn how to grow your page how to optimize it how to find the best keywords.

Write a compelling captivating description how to choose the best imagery for your Facebook page. In-order to reach the brain of your customers and see when they will see your brand your products the value that you are adding with your company. On the Facebook page, also will talk about how to monetize the Facebook page is important.

I am using for me and for my clients to monetize Facebook page. How you can be more productive creating content scheduling content on the page so you don’t need to be every day there you can do it at once a week the whole week you are covered with great content.

Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook?

Everybody know Facebook isn’t new. Facebook is a way advertising of product or services. Facebook is a social network which is operate  around the world.

Facebook is Digital media of modern Marketing. First we know Why use Facebook . Be a professional to use Facebook. Always effective Facebook group. Facebook Marketing is a modern Popular media of Communication.

Facebook give calculative result of user benefit . So it is easy to measure business oriented use .

Facebook Ads:

Business Traffic Model is ad, Facebook ads is an important Media of Modern marketing. So much effective media to reach the target customer. There are three types of Way the Facebook ads is as bellow:

PPE= Page Post Engagement.

CTW = Click to Website.

WC = Web conversion.

The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage.

Why Facebook Ads?

The People connect with your Business help Facebook. Discover the people for your business by Facebook ad. These are the advantage of use Facebook is as bellow:

# To increase target Customer.

# To increase traffic on website.

# Lead generate.

# Cost Minimize Effectively.

# Brand Awareness.

# Web Conversion.

Implement Facebook ad into your Facebook Marketing strategy is possible to increase likes and drives website clicks. Geographic targeting by Facebook user Data on Age, Location, Education and interest.

How to Meet the people who will love your Business?.

Use your free Facebook page to get started.

Let us know what you want to promote.

Select the audiance for your fFacebook ads.

To set your Budget track your result.

Facebook helps to reach your business goals as follows:

  1. By online sales.
  2. to increase local sales.
  3. To promote your apps.
  4. to raise brand awareness.


Make a Facebook Business page to create permanent Business Address for Business on Facebook. Its first step in the process of Starting Facebook marketing Campaign. Make a business Facebook page is  Like entity to your Business on Facebook.

You can target your campaign’s Customer by Gender, Age, Occupation, Location, Interest etc. If you more specified the target Facebook  customer by  their interest, activities, hobbies family status , Facebook connections even their date of birth to more closely Personalized them to massage . Data analysis is important of Facebook Ads, wait for data analysis and run more.

Campaign. When More campaign for data analysis then need campaign name otherwise You do not understand the which is the result.

Facebook is powerful Marketing tools, it has a large space to keep customer information ,develop brand Awareness and more your reach.


You Have to Know for Facebook

CPC =          Cost per Click

CPM =        Cost per Thousand Impressions.

CTR = Click Through Rate: Percentage of click to the number of Impressions.

Impressions :Total Number Views

Actions : Every actions  related to the page,That the users perform, after having click on an ad.

Reach : Number of Unique  user who have seen an ad.

Frequency : Number of times a user has seen in an ad.

Facebook Pixel :

Pixel just like as mirror of Business. If I want to know what’s the operation or Staffs work I fixed a CC Camera. Pixel help We know what is the selling position against the specific ad.   Basically it is use to re targeting.


How many people coverage by ad its depends on Budget? Budget is important fact of Audience coverage. you can start Facebook ad on any Budget.






Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing means Customer Relation Maintain or Customer Relationship Management. Marketing is an action of promote selling product or services by research and advertising. Marketing is a role of promote and advertisement of product or services and create customer of these Product or services. Digital marketing is important modern business world.

Digital Marketing:

When we talking about digital Marketing we actually promote your Business online using of different social media/ channels like as Facebook, Email. twitter and website.


First of all we select a bushiness goal and Target customer/group. Try to  need the customer by different way for close them. Master digital marketing is Google analytic s, Google Ad words, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising and You tube Marketing

Doing something helping others. Always concentrate that we are helping customer. Example: Sell a photocopy machine Our goal is Save time and cost minimize of Customer.

Goal of Business is getting clients and keeping them it, Profit is the result. find client and keep them the way of gain profit.

We Need to Identify
●Mission Statement
●Value Proposition
●Elevator Pitch
●The Business Plan
●Market Perception
●Target Market
●Digital Technology Usage

We know Different Strategy worksheet of a business:

  • Business Strategy Worksheet.
  • Customer Strategy Worksheet.
  • Audience Goal Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy Worksheet.                                                 
  •                                                Business Strategy Worksheet
    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Promote use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world.
    Objectives Sell jute Bag use quality product and reduce pollution of society . To remove use poly Bag
    Value Proposition Scientifically Proven Save Currency Certification from WHO
    Elevator Pitch Forth Jute Crafts Produce Eco friendly Product.

    We have Beautiful name of our business, Select a Mission our business . which is add our objective , audience goal, audience technology , Target Customer/ group and pitch Elevator.

            Customer Strategy Worksheet

    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Encourage  use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world
    Target Audience 9 – 19 years school going Students 20 -35 years Service holder 36-over years general people
    Audience Goal use the school bag for keeping Books and khatas Use tifffin bag , Laptop bag, File.  Use shopping bag . Travel bag.
    Audience Technology  Facebook, Email, Twitter, youtube  Corporate Blog, Magazine , etc  


    Difference between Inbound Marketing And Digital Marketing:

    Virtually there is no  Difference between  Digital marketing and Inbound marketing. Both of the Marketing tactics of Inbound marketing and Digital Marketing are same. Try to show the difference is as bellow:

  • Most main inbound marketing assets is blog which allow your website to capitalize for searching ideal customers.
  • Digital Marketing massage directly in front of as many people as possible in the online space.
  • Best digital marketers have clear picture  how its assets or tactics to achieve the estimated goals.
  • Ultimately inbound marketing is technology that uses digital marketing assets to attract , convert ,close and gain satisfactory level of customers.
  • Performance of content and lead generation

  • You can Imagine or counting how many people hosting your website. you are also generating qulified leads download it. Significantly trace the people interested logging your website.
  • Decision Stage 
  • Have a complete case study who are ready to purchase which is help the decision make to customer. if case study is not good for your business having short testimonials around your website is a good alternative for your business.