Affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is a hole of promote and advertisement of product or services and create customer of these Product or services. When you do this online marketing , this call “Digital marketing”. When you use the Digital marketing skill  for sales and promotion  of product or services this is call ” Internet Marketing”.When you use Digital Marketing skill to promote other product or service commission promotion then will be affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is a media which work together Publisher and Manufacturer for profit sharing  by sale product or services.

Affiliate Marketing is the use of one website  to advertise the product and services of another website. Affiliate Marketing is efficient Marketing system Which has one or more Marketer engage specific Business, try to implement marketing Experience to bring customer.

Relationship is very important point of Affiliate marketing, A relationship between three parties:


We have created new performance-based marketing opportunities that help publishers and advertisers reach new potential customers and drive more commission in your pocket at a higher conversion rate for revenue.

Commission Junction(Cj):

Commission Junction network is capable recording and processing of action and Transaction.

Affiliate marketing Connect with you whole over the world. We have Great result By Commission Junction pay per call Program.

There are two wings of affiliate marketing. You can offer an affiliate program or another business affiliate. You will find affiliates who will reach untapped market.

The Smart way of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has always worked best for us, I suggest you to do the same. If you are determined to make this work and put in the time and effort, this is the good news you are already well on your way to affiliate marketing. Every work you put in is to help you make your affiliate marketing. Its works as a commission base referral way, so it is simple system. It’s a low cost for advertiser to build awareness and promote their product and services.

Knowledge your product and Audience

To learn about product and services by spending time that you are offering you can make information that build your credibility. Credibility makes trust. If your customer do not have faith in you more than likely, they will not take action. So product and audience knowledge help to promote sale.

Affiliate marketing on social media

Social media is important way to reach more audience. To reach audience is so important a affiliate marketer. Which is help social media, let say Facebook. Practically everybody is on Facebook everyday, from young to old male or female all over the world. If you are reach wanting to large audience , you need not to look further more visited websites and popular apps. People to see your post and updates, like ,comments and share them by Facebook. The more genuine interaction you get, the post will be seen by others for Facebook algorithm.

Well crafted updates, post and ads can result affiliate sales.


Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing means Customer Relation Maintain or Customer Relationship Management. Marketing is an action of promote selling product or services by research and advertising. Marketing is a role of promote and advertisement of product or services and create customer of these Product or services. Digital marketing is important modern business world.

Digital Marketing:

When we talking about digital Marketing we actually promote your Business online using of different social media/ channels like as Facebook, Email. twitter and website.


First of all we select a bushiness goal and Target customer/group. Try to  need the customer by different way for close them. Master digital marketing is Google analytic s, Google Ad words, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising and You tube Marketing

Doing something helping others. Always concentrate that we are helping customer. Example: Sell a photocopy machine Our goal is Save time and cost minimize of Customer.

Goal of Business is getting clients and keeping them it, Profit is the result. find client and keep them the way of gain profit.

We Need to Identify
●Mission Statement
●Value Proposition
●Elevator Pitch
●The Business Plan
●Market Perception
●Target Market
●Digital Technology Usage

We know Different Strategy worksheet of a business:

  • Business Strategy Worksheet.
  • Customer Strategy Worksheet.
  • Audience Goal Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy Worksheet.                                                 
  •                                                Business Strategy Worksheet
    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Promote use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world.
    Objectives Sell jute Bag use quality product and reduce pollution of society . To remove use poly Bag
    Value Proposition Scientifically Proven Save Currency Certification from WHO
    Elevator Pitch Forth Jute Crafts Produce Eco friendly Product.

    We have Beautiful name of our business, Select a Mission our business . which is add our objective , audience goal, audience technology , Target Customer/ group and pitch Elevator.

            Customer Strategy Worksheet

    Business Name Forth Jute crafts
    Mission Statement Encourage  use Eco friendly jute bag all over the world
    Target Audience 9 – 19 years school going Students 20 -35 years Service holder 36-over years general people
    Audience Goal use the school bag for keeping Books and khatas Use tifffin bag , Laptop bag, File.  Use shopping bag . Travel bag.
    Audience Technology  Facebook, Email, Twitter, youtube  Corporate Blog, Magazine , etc  


    Difference between Inbound Marketing And Digital Marketing:

    Virtually there is no  Difference between  Digital marketing and Inbound marketing. Both of the Marketing tactics of Inbound marketing and Digital Marketing are same. Try to show the difference is as bellow:

  • Most main inbound marketing assets is blog which allow your website to capitalize for searching ideal customers.
  • Digital Marketing massage directly in front of as many people as possible in the online space.
  • Best digital marketers have clear picture  how its assets or tactics to achieve the estimated goals.
  • Ultimately inbound marketing is technology that uses digital marketing assets to attract , convert ,close and gain satisfactory level of customers.
  • Performance of content and lead generation

  • You can Imagine or counting how many people hosting your website. you are also generating qulified leads download it. Significantly trace the people interested logging your website.
  • Decision Stage 
  • Have a complete case study who are ready to purchase which is help the decision make to customer. if case study is not good for your business having short testimonials around your website is a good alternative for your business.