You tube channel

You tube Channel

We’re talking about video Marketing. You tube Channel and Video marketing both are very similar.

This one is more about how you grow and use you tube  as a digital marketer, we’re talking more about the basics of video and how we  use video  as a Marketer.

Now the might seem a little bit confusing to you but hopefully it will be as we go forward. But before you talk about you tube and using you tube I have question for you.

Are you trying to grow a You tube channels?

Are you trying to grow a you tube channel of your won for your brand or are you just trying to find a place to host to video’s online so that you can share the either via social media or on your website or just direct people to where its hosted like you tube.

Are you trying to host video content online?

This is an important questions because growing a You tube channel is a lot of work. It can be business in itself. And so if your company is not a video based business spending all the time effort to really grow a You tube channel might not be the best place to focus all of your energy.

Now of course it depends on your target audience, if your target audience is a tube on you then you should use your tube. But if you look at the audience, you do not have the tune and if you do not see the tube video, you can spend another time on other platforms like platform or other social media platforms. Actually there are plenty of ways and places to host just your video content

If your hosting it or if you are embedding it on your own web site vimeo is another one for video.  Also you can upload your video directly to social media platforms now like Facebook or twitter Instagram  Snapchat videos that you post on these different platform that are going to be a little bit different because they are restrictions not only in the restriction of the platforms like on instragram where you can’t post videos currently a minute long but also in terms of  the expectations of the viewer. People on Instagram and snap chat are looking for sweet videos. They are not going to want to sit through a two three minutes promo video or just other type of video that might work better on Facebook or on you tube.

Why You tube?

  • Second largest search engine.
  • Amazing reach on mobile .
  • What about Facebook , Instagram, Snapchat and twitter etc.

And when the day ends you are using video in the market I think you should create a brand and channel on your tube. Google and Google owning you tube after it is the second largest search engine. So many of you tube videos actually appear in Google results. And so good things.

Millions of people use your tube every day and it’s great for mobile devices. And you see more tube content than any cable or network television or network on their mobile device by infecting 18 to 49 years of age.

You tube is taking over and disrupting how many people consume you tube video. Its not just in the theater any more its not just on Tv any more and we know this.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has said that video content will make up the majority content shared on Facebook  within the next few years.

I already see it right now if I search my own news feed. Most of the content is video. So yes you should be sharing your video on Facebook as well and even hosting on Facebook.

How do use you tube Properly?

Well it’s basically the beginning of your funnel, where people are aware of us. If you think that AIDA and our other funnel is that awareness phase And where people can start to get interested in our brand. So you have a tube on your video or you can embed it on your website or you can share it in social media. And that interest drive.

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