Email Marketing Funnel

Email Marketing Funnel

There is a lot of debate surrounding the email marketing funnel, it’s relevant to today’s consumer buying process. Here I’ll explain what you need to know about the email marketing funnel.

Email marketing is a system of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicate with an readers of commercial or fundraising messages. In its broadest sense, each email sent to a expected or current customer may be considered email marketing. This article seeks to explain email marketing funnel.

Email Marketing is so important. For most of the people still its the highest converting tool as compared to social media or other content marketing like you tube and blog writing.

Email marketing funnelso important as you get started to start collecting email addresses. That’s what you actually do. The basic process is getting email addresses from people and delivering them content – not only sales content but also educational content and inspirational content.

What do you do when you wake up in the Morning. Most people even though you  are checking your Instagram, your Facebook and everything else, most people still check their email addresses, and their email address is little more private than say social media. And that’s why I believe it converts a little bit better, because they are getting messages from people they know and trust. Unless spam of course.

And that’s not what we’re going to be doing. Hopefully now you are understand that e-mail marketing is important.

How does the basic email marketing funnel work.

First lets Understand just how a marketing funnel works in this top of the funnel you have awareness.

This is people who are aware of you or they become aware of you.

They search for something on Google on they end up on your website or they time something you tube and they find your video or blog article or something else some on social media. They become aware of your brain. This is the biggest part of funnel.

From they are we go a little bit further and fewer people become interested in your product or service.

Basic of the Email marketing funnel:

1. Awareness

  1. Interest
  2. Decisions
  3. Action.


These people to start spend more time on your website or reading your content and watching your content and they are starting to get interested in what your product could do for them some point  they have to make decision. So they are deciding purchase or not. And hopefully you are helping them to make that decision reinforcing that you will solve them problem.


And then lastly they take action and they buy or not. And so the small part of the funnel are people who  have actually taken action.

The goal is to work people through they entire funnel.

Basics of funnel :

  • Awareness,
  • opt-in form,
  • Lead magnet.
  • Email sequence    and
  • sales   pitch.

How does this  look like with e-mail marketing while you have people who become aware of you and then you send that traffic whether its through YouTube or really social media or really wherever you send that to an opt in from.

You see the website where they say sign up for my newsletter or sign up to get a free book or sign up……


That little box or that little for where you submit your e-mail address is called and opt in form and these opt in forms can be created using e-mail marketing service that you choose or sometimes with different website builders with different plug ins for example .

There are many plug ins you can use to customize how and opt in form works or if you are a web developer. You can actually customize and create your web your  e-mail opt inbox from scratch.

The lead magnet is a very important part of the funnel and its not really the next step in the funnel but that what’s you give in exchange for someone e-mail address sometime do not really need magnet.

All you have to say is that hey join  newsletter and I will send you e-mails when there is sometime interest.  Other times its more specific. Join my newsletter and I will send you a weekly with new topics.

Other times it takes a little bit more work to get people to give they are e-mail address to you. After it is private. And if you are like me don’t like giving your e-mail address away all over the place.

Other times its take a little bit more work to get people to give their e-mail address to you.

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