Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook?

Everybody know Facebook isn’t new. Facebook is a way advertising of product or services. Facebook is a social network which is operate  around the world.

Facebook is Digital media of modern Marketing. First we know Why use Facebook . Be a professional to use Facebook. Always effective Facebook group. Facebook Marketing is a modern Popular media of Communication.

Facebook give calculative result of user benefit . So it is easy to measure business oriented use .

Facebook Ads:

Business Traffic Model is ad, Facebook ads is an important Media of Modern marketing. So much effective media to reach the target customer. There are three types of Way the Facebook ads is as bellow:

PPE= Page Post Engagement.

CTW = Click to Website.

WC = Web conversion.

The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage.

Why Facebook Ads?

The People connect with your Business help Facebook. Discover the people for your business by Facebook ad. These are the advantage of use Facebook is as bellow:

# To increase target Customer.

# To increase traffic on website.

# Lead generate.

# Cost Minimize Effectively.

# Brand Awareness.

# Web Conversion.

Implement Facebook ad into your Facebook Marketing strategy is possible to increase likes and drives website clicks. Geographic targeting by Facebook user Data on Age, Location, Education and interest.

How to Meet the people who will love your Business?.

Use your free Facebook page to get started.

Let us know what you want to promote.

Select the audiance for your fFacebook ads.

To set your Budget track your result.

Facebook helps to reach your business goals as follows:

  1. By online sales.
  2. to increase local sales.
  3. To promote your apps.
  4. to raise brand awareness.


Make a Facebook Business page to create permanent Business Address for Business on Facebook. Its first step in the process of Starting Facebook marketing Campaign. Make a business Facebook page is  Like entity to your Business on Facebook.

You can target your campaign’s Customer by Gender, Age, Occupation, Location, Interest etc. If you more specified the target Facebook  customer by  their interest, activities, hobbies family status , Facebook connections even their date of birth to more closely Personalized them to massage . Data analysis is important of Facebook Ads, wait for data analysis and run more.

Campaign. When More campaign for data analysis then need campaign name otherwise You do not understand the which is the result.

Facebook is powerful Marketing tools, it has a large space to keep customer information ,develop brand Awareness and more your reach.


You Have to Know for Facebook

CPC =          Cost per Click

CPM =        Cost per Thousand Impressions.

CTR = Click Through Rate: Percentage of click to the number of Impressions.

Impressions :Total Number Views

Actions : Every actions  related to the page,That the users perform, after having click on an ad.

Reach : Number of Unique  user who have seen an ad.

Frequency : Number of times a user has seen in an ad.

Facebook Pixel :

Pixel just like as mirror of Business. If I want to know what’s the operation or Staffs work I fixed a CC Camera. Pixel help We know what is the selling position against the specific ad.   Basically it is use to re targeting.


How many people coverage by ad its depends on Budget? Budget is important fact of Audience coverage. you can start Facebook ad on any Budget.






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