Branded Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

A ceramic Mug is a type of cup typically used for drinking Water, hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup, and tea etc. Techniques such as silk screen printing, sublimation print or decals are used to apply decorations such as logos or images, which are fired onto the ceramic Mug to ensure permanence. When you print your logo on Ceramic Mug, then value add your product or your company.

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Promotional Jute Bag

Forth Generation is  one of the famous and large manufacturer & supplier of Promotional jute bag in Bangladesh. A large number of promotional jute bag supplying in nation wide. Our  customer belief us mostly while never consider with quality of Goods. Jute bag is Reusable, durable and therefore environmentally friendly.

The use of Jute bag Instead of Plastic/pole-thin bag has many advantage. Jute bag are durable and reusable and environment-friendly. Jute Produce by Nature which is strong and durable. 

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Sample Pic of Our Products

Use Jute Bag Save Earth.

Jute Bag Picture

Jute Product is Environment-friendly.

Importance of Facebook Marketing

Importance of Facebook marketing


At present, Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. Facebook is a marketing company that promotes the marketing of any company, Brand, product or service is called Facebook marketing. Facebook advertisements in the simplest sense are called as marketing.So we need to know importance of Facebook marketing.



Today most businessmen think Facebook is the main tool of their business, because 50% of the Facebook users wake up using Facebook or they can wake up when they come to Facebook.

Just think, in 2017, Facebook’s active user is 186 million, At present Active user is 230 million where WhatsApp user’s 50 million, Twitter users 28 million 40 million will not you do marketing on Facebook? Where do you find such a lot of customers for advertising? Facebook Advertising cost are very low. So try to use Facebook not only Social network, we use Business purpose also.


Now let’s see if you can get marketing on Facebook without marketing analog


Facebook ads are more important than banners, signboards, billboards, festoons, papers, radio or TV advertising – this results in lower costs. With Facebook marketing, you will be able to check your marketing results promptly and if you need to stop advertising your advertising then you can advertise in new ways. Facebook’s advertising costs are very low. Subscriber-Private small, large or startups are all popular for Facebook marketing companies. The biggest reason for your Facebook advertising may be less exposure to less exposure. Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to increase customer exposure and increase your business exposure, where you can start your business from all levels to all the old people. Can run Facebook Marketing Options for Creating Any Brand

To generate leads, and increase your business awareness to the most prospective clients, it is the best possible way to advertising I Facebook to reach out to those prospects in shorter period of time.

But without proper audience targeting and optimization, it is quite difficult to get those large number of highly targeted visitors/clients with lowest ad cost.

Only a professional advertiser with lots and lots of advertising experience can bring you that highly targeted audience to engage with your products and services.

It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers. Facebook ad create demand to your target audiences to take your product or services.

Email sequence

Email sequence

The order of the email is not sent to the full list at a specific time, when people sign it one by one. They are called follow up / automatic responder. You need to enter the email sequences automatically and send new members so that they can know you a little more. Plus you can use order to sell your products and services.

This is the beauty of email marketing tools, because it’s all automated and this can be happening all in the background, while you do everything else that you need to do to run your business so that you don’t have to be sending specific emails on specific days to specific people all the time. I mean you would be spending your entire life doing manually if you had to don’t like that. So with any email marketing tool you should be able to automate it.

Types of sequence

Lot of different types of e-mail sequences.

  • Introduction
  • Educational
  • Product launch
  • Follow up

There are different types of sequences that can be an introduction sequence that you can welcome to your role and brand and educational order, where it wants to know more about an issue that you have a sequence of emails that help them to know more about them. There is a launch on the subject.

If you launch a new product, you may have multiple e-mail orders, you send them to people who have sent them to you by email to buy them, to make sure they purchase their products.

Sample sequences

Intro Educational Educational Inspirational
Soft Sale Inspirational Hard Sale Follow up


Here’s just a quick sample sequence that is sort of your typical e-mail sequence that I like to send to people. This is for people who come out and are brand new of my web site or are brand new to one of my products for example free course

Osteen them an intro email and then followed up with two educational e-mails

And these two educational e-mails are purely educational. It’s just additional content that will benefit them.

I followed that up with what I can an inspirational email.

This is an email that is not selling a product but it’s selling the benefit of whatever product or service I am offering.

For example if I’m teaching a class on Adobe premiere pro video editing and I what to inspire someone to learn this software I’ll show examples of types of videos that people can create with software or always share an interview that xza they did with someone who uses Adobe premiere pro.  So this is the email that is not necessarily teaching them something new but it’s inspiring them and making them want to learn or to use the product that I’m about to sell them in the next  e-mail which  is the soft launch which is an email where I first start to mention the product that I have.

It’s still an educational or an inspirational email in essence but I mentioned the product. It’s not a hey check out this product. It’s only 99 dollar you can get it here for 19 percent off.  It’ more of an email where all follow up on that inspirational e-mail that I just sent saying hopefully I hope you enjoyed that story about Joe scheme who learned Adobe premiere pro and now has a full time job in the film industry.  Here’s a cool tutorial on how to create better titles with Adobe premiere Pro. If you are really interested in liking tutorial that I’ve been sending you I actually have a full course for you that you can purchase where you learn everything from beginning to advance that kind of e-mail. I ‘ll follow that soft soft-shell with another inspirational email to reinforce that idea and this may Isa testimonial from a student of mine a user. How did the product change their life. I might include a link to the product in this email maybe not because in the following up e-mail the hard sell that’s where I’m really it’s just purely promotional .

There is no rash here and there is no education here only this product is here. I am enjoying the e-mails that I am sending you. If you want to take it to the next level purchase here click here. Explain how you purchase it. And then of course a follow-up. It will probably look different.

And if they do not purchase and if they do not purchase it and convert it and most tools you can automate it. So if someone purchases a product, they may be able to fully convert another sequence.

Or you can usually add funnels to your emails. So if on purchase then they wouldn’t actually get the follow up e-mail that says are as wide in person purchase the product that you promoted or whatever your follow up is to people who don’t purchase. But it’s good idea to have those follow up e-mails at the end of the day remember that the goal with this sequence is to educate and inspire




And if you can educate inspire the selling will be easy.

Write better sequence

  • Use evergreen content.
  • Personalize it with their name.
  • Send at the right time.
  • Test different subject line.

I actually want to show some sequence of which I’m using so you get a better sense of how it’s been having success with this. But how fast things to write words fast?

If you want you can click on the man article or your tube video This old content is still good quality and it’s a great way to make people aware. There is no reason to try again to discover the wheel if you have already written about this subject.

Facebook ad Vs Google Ad Words

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ad Words


Facebook is largest social media in the world. Facebook helps to reach your business goal. The business goal is to run Web conversion. The stage is action stage. Customer Finally Take action or Purchase this stage. There are two main advertising platforms are Facebook Ad and Google Ad Words.Today I’m going to break the Facebook Ads Vs Google Ad Words.

Which one should you use?

Show you which one should use for your business.

Google’s first intention based. So what can people type in Google AdWords for? Buy a Cheap Cellphone, Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas All the examples of these things to type in. That’s great for Google AdWords.

There is no such type of auto insurance when a Google AdWords opportunity is looking for auto insurance. On the other hand, there is no intention basis with Facebook ads. With Ads on Facebook you can not just create an ad like “Hmm.

I like tons of people to buy our auto insurance. So just tell me as that “Auto Insurance” Buy Now Get the Geco Right “‘

Why would not it work?

Because Facebook people want to connect with their friends. They are looking for pictures of the pictures, people look at the wall. That’s why they will not convert your ad to Google in the same way.

If you are an intent-based business where you are selling goods or services and you are going to go after only those people who need advice as they need advice, need accounting support, buy their products or services. Whatever it may be like a chain for an iPhone or their dog it may be great for Google AdWords. If you want to go after a comprehensive audience, that’s what’s amazing for Facebook.

For example, if you want to go after a woman who is interested in beauty, because you want to know about your new beauty products that revolutionize the art. Amazing for Facebook!

The main difference to the main difference is Facebook for the audience of a wide variety, like beauty people who are like car enthusiasts. Those business owners On Facebook, you can create ads that drive people on the loading page that landing page should not be just cheap, if you buy my product right now.

The best way to convert people from Facebook is to give them some educational information first. Like a blog post that breaks your product or services because of the amazing reason, what they are going to learn is that they can first run it in a webinar, and from there it transforms into a customer.

Again Google AdWords is based on intentions.

As part of the complete section of the Facebook targets, such as a beauty automobile, business owner and Facebook, these are not like Google, you will not send them to the page where they can buy directly.

It’s also sending on a page that teaches first, and then lets them buy.

If you have sold a low and ticketed item on Facebook, you can drive to convert an educational page to a check-out page or a product page first.

You tube channel

You tube Channel

We’re talking about video Marketing. You tube Channel and Video marketing both are very similar.

This one is more about how you grow and use you tube  as a digital marketer, we’re talking more about the basics of video and how we  use video  as a Marketer.

Now the might seem a little bit confusing to you but hopefully it will be as we go forward. But before you talk about you tube and using you tube I have question for you.

Are you trying to grow a You tube channels?

Are you trying to grow a you tube channel of your won for your brand or are you just trying to find a place to host to video’s online so that you can share the either via social media or on your website or just direct people to where its hosted like you tube.

Are you trying to host video content online?

This is an important questions because growing a You tube channel is a lot of work. It can be business in itself. And so if your company is not a video based business spending all the time effort to really grow a You tube channel might not be the best place to focus all of your energy.

Now of course it depends on your target audience, if your target audience is a tube on you then you should use your tube. But if you look at the audience, you do not have the tune and if you do not see the tube video, you can spend another time on other platforms like platform or other social media platforms. Actually there are plenty of ways and places to host just your video content

If your hosting it or if you are embedding it on your own web site vimeo is another one for video.  Also you can upload your video directly to social media platforms now like Facebook or twitter Instagram  Snapchat videos that you post on these different platform that are going to be a little bit different because they are restrictions not only in the restriction of the platforms like on instragram where you can’t post videos currently a minute long but also in terms of  the expectations of the viewer. People on Instagram and snap chat are looking for sweet videos. They are not going to want to sit through a two three minutes promo video or just other type of video that might work better on Facebook or on you tube.

Why You tube?

  • Second largest search engine.
  • Amazing reach on mobile .
  • What about Facebook , Instagram, Snapchat and twitter etc.


And when the day ends you are using video in the market I think you should create a brand and channel on your tube. Google and Google owning you tube after it is the second largest search engine. So many of you tube videos actually appear in Google results. And so good things.

Millions of people use your tube every day and it’s great for mobile devices. And you see more tube content than any cable or network television or network on their mobile device by infecting 18 to 49 years of age.


You tube is taking over and disrupting how many people consume you tube video. Its not just in the theater any more its not just on Tv any more and we know this.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has said that video content will make up the majority content shared on Facebook  within the next few years.

I already see it right now if I search my own news feed. Most of the content is video. So yes you should be sharing your video on Facebook as well and even hosting on Facebook.

How do use you tube Properly?


Well it’s basically the beginning of your funnel, where people are aware of us. If you think that AIDA and our other funnel is that awareness phase And where people can start to get interested in our brand. So you have a tube on your video or you can embed it on your website or you can share it in social media. And that interest drive.

Writing Better Article

Writing Better article         

Writing Better Articles is so important for digital Marketing.It’s a big part of the success that I’ve had as an online based business. But even if you are not an online business writing good blog articles can drive a lot of traffic to your products and services.

So here are some tips  for writing better articles.

Basic tips

  • Research and use proper keywords
  • Be generous, give lots for free
  • Attract the right people.

    Research and use proper key words:

The first tip is to Research and use proper keywords. Obviously you want to write articles that people are going to be searching for there’s no point in writing an article if no one’s going to find it.

No one’s going to be searching for it unless it’s just for your own pleasure.

But because we’re a business we want to make sure that we have some sort of result from the time spent writing better articles.

But off course the word is seven billion people big and billions of people are on the internet. So even if you are writing an article about a very specific topic you might have good chance of getting traffic over time. One key thing to note thought is that you can write the best article in the world or you can use the greatest headline you can have the best keywords you are probably not going to get a lot of traffic on that very fast day that you publish. It takes a while to build up a reputation.


And what I meant by that is a history of reputation on the Google search engines or of different search engine because with one article your website is not going to be found as easily but as you post more article and more people do visit your site your websites as or search engine optimization is going in increase. So if do start writing articles on more specific topics your articles will be seen sooner than your first one so  I don’t want you to get frustrated   when you are not getting a lot of traffic when just starting on. This is a long term play and that’s the greatest thing about blog article is that they have a long lifespan. Generally your blog articles should last at least a couple of years unless they become irrelevant on the topic or something changes.

So how you do actually do research and find keywords to use .Well one of the first things is to not go too deep into research and just thing what are the 10 things that my customer is going to ask what do they what are their pain point’ and we’ve already done this.


What question do they have thing about it. Or as people survey your audience survey people online using social media and just see what are they struggling with. Also do a search for your topic on Google and see what other articles are out there. Do your search for your topic on you tube and see what other videos are out there.

You know I don’t want you to copy what other people are doing but   having an article about this topic. Or a video about each topic or each question under your own brand is a good idea.


That’s one of my strategies is just finding what people what other people are making and doing it   in my own style some next level keyword research ideas are using the Google keyword planner that’s available if you have an ad words account with Google we are going to be going more over google hours in the future or just Google using trends if you search for google trends.


They have a great tool that allows you to find what items are trending right now what topic are trending and you can compare to other topic to see if hey do you want to write an article about this one or that or this  products or that product you can see which ones are more trending and that’s generally a better sign to write articles about that kind content.

Be generous:

If you are worried that you are giving too much away for free too much goo content. Don’t worry that’s probably a good sign. The best companies that know give so much good free information out especially online brands and online media brands. Now this not true for every type of business you can just be giving away free items if you are a brick and motor store but the free trail does work. Giving away freebies does work. But in terms of writing articles make sure  that you’re writing super duper high quality. You’re not holding back.

You’re giving it all to the audience because that’s how people start to like know and trust you. And if they do that They are more likely to purchase your product or services.

Attract the right people:

We have talked about knowing your audience. It just important to make sure that you are serving specific audience and if it’s and audience that does not have money and it’s going to support your business and you can’t build a business off of while you might need to pick a different audience.

But make sure that you’re  attracting the right people who not only appreciate your content but will actually eventually ne customer of yours.


  • Subject lines intros and conclusion
  • Build curiosity with the first sentence
  • Break up the text

A few important things are your subject lines intros and conclusions in   that order.   A lot of people only click on an article based off of the subject line and once they do that they’ll read that intro and then skim down to the conclusion so.

Pay special attention when you are writing those intros and conclusions because a lot of people won’t read what’s in between.

So have your call to actions  have links to other article or talk about your product  or services. In the intro and outros now you don’t want to make it to sales. You don’t want to make it always seemed like a sales pitch. But make sure that you are giving them the option to take the next step.

Include an email opt in form at the end of your article or even right after the intro. Include a little lead magnet that’s specific to that article right after the intro.   This is great way to grow your email list

People reading your article is because they’re wondering what it’s about. So feed on that and build more curiosity.

Make bold statements thing that will make the reader say that’s interesting. I want to read more.

Make sure you are using your  heading your other formatting tools like bullet points lists LOC quotes images photos use anything to make it a little bit more I interesting and  not feel like they are having to read an essay.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. Facebook is a marketing company that promotes the marketing of any company, product or service is called Facebook marketing. Facebook ads in the simplest sense are called a Facebook marketing.

Today most businessmen think Facebook ads is the main tool of their business, because 50% of Facebook users wake up using Facebook when they wake up or say that they wake up at Facebook. So Facebook ads is the important way to promote product or services.

Just think, in 2017, Facebook’s active user is 186 million, where Whats App user’s 50 million, Twitter users 28 .4 million will not you do marketing on Facebook? Where do you find such a lot of customers for advertising?

Statistical Data of Social media User Is bellows :

Now let’s see if you can get marketing on a Facebook without Analog marketing.

Facebook ads are more important than banners, signboards, billboards, festoons, papers, radio or TV advertising this results in lower costs. With Facebook marketing, you will be able to check your marketing results promptly and if you need to stop advertising your advertising then you can advertise in new ways. Facebook’s advertising costs are very low. Subscriber-Private small, large or startups are all popular for Facebook marketing companies.

The biggest reason for your Facebook advertising may be less exposure to less exposure. Whether you are the proprietor of a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to increase customer exposure and increase your business exposure, where you can start your business from all levels to all the old people. Can run there is no alternative to Facebook Ads for the creation of a brand.

We use a excel sheet for Facebook ads like is as bellow:

Excel Sheet for Facebook Ads

Gender     Age Occupation Interest Group


18-65 Job Sports


15- 45 Graphics Designer T-Shirt User
Children 5-12 Businessman


All people  25-70 Doctors

Diabetic Patients


You can set a budget when you create a Facebook ad. Which is comfortable to spending you. How many people see your ad and engage by Facebook ad its depends up to your decision.

Facebook Page

We ready to start learning everything about Facebook page. This is the Facebook page domination model when we will learn the best techniques first to create your Facebook page. And also if you already have a page that’s fine you can still watch these because you will also learn how to grow your page how to optimize it how to find the best keywords.

Write a compelling captivating description how to choose the best imagery for your Facebook page. In-order to reach the brain of your customers and see when they will see your brand your products the value that you are adding with your company. On the Facebook page, also will talk about how to monetize the Facebook page is important.

I am using for me and for my clients to monetize Facebook page. How you can be more productive creating content scheduling content on the page so you don’t need to be every day there you can do it at once a week the whole week you are covered with great content.

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